UAV SWARM Health Management Project Website

Project PI:
Prof. Jonathan How

Classic shot of 4 autonomous quadrotors (June 2006)

First demonstration of "N=10" - there are 10 UAV quadrotors flying autonomously
the team flight is iniated by a single operator. (March 2007)

Multi-UAV flight with staging from the recharge platform (December 2007)

Recent News Headlines

April, 2008: RAVEN highlighted in front cover of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine

Feb 28, 2008 : Crash-Proof UAVs Fly Blind at MIT's High-Tech Aerodrome. Popular Mechanics

November 23, 2007 : Perching aircraft train for tricky landings.

December 12, 2006 : MIT's 'Air Force'. CNBC

November 20, 2006 : MIT 'air force' could help perfect unmanned craft. Boston Globe

October 31, 2006 : Smart Tiny Planes. Video segment aired on ABC

October 17, 2006 : Mini-UAVs swarm creates a buzz. Flight International

September 30, 2006 : Rudel der fliegenden Quadrokopter. Spiegel online

September 27, 2006 : Uncrewed aircraft swarm together indoors.

September 26th, 2006 : MIT's Intelligent Aircraft Fly, Cooperate Autonomously. MIT News Office

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This project is supported by Boeing Phantom Works

Boeing Program Manager

Dr. John Vian

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