UAV SWARM Health Management Project

Alumni Team Member Information

Kieran Culligan

Team Member

June 2006 to August 2006


S.M. Candidate in Aero-Astro Dept., MIT (August 2006)
S.B. in Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT (June 2004)

Research interests

Autonomous Path Planning / Task Sequencing
Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
Vehicle Modeling
Sports Engineering


  • K.B. Blair, K.F. Culligan, and D Walfisch. "Fulcrum Skate Analysis." The Engineering of Sport 6. July 2006. Munich, DE
  • A.Z. Hastings, K.B. Blair, K.F. Culligan, and D.M. Pober. "Measuring the effect of transmitted road vibration on cycling performance." The Engineering of Sport 5.  September 2004. Davis, CA, USA

Interesting Fact

Avid cycling fan

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