UAV SWARM Health Management Project - Project Videos


Included below are videos showing some of our test flights, as well as other hardware-related activities as part of this project. We've provided three different file types (with estimates on the file size). Click on the links listed below to either download or watch the videos on-line. Note that there are three different sets of videos: the "small" set (recorded in mpeg1 format) designed for quick downloads or streaming video over the internet (RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and QuickTime should be able to play this file), the "large" set (recorded in mpeg2 format) which should be downloaded before viewing, and a Windows Media Video format. If you are running linux, the latest verision of mplayer should be able to view any of the mpeg videos. If you are using Windows Media Player, you should be able to view the .wmv files without a problem. Otherwise, make sure that you have downloaded the proper codecs and you should be able to view these files.


2007, 2008 Videos

2005, 2006 Videos